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F-Gas Regulations

F-Gas regulations get tougher every year. It is a major part of the worldwide initiative to reduce greenhouse gases. ACI Reports provides a consultancy and monitoring service, advising our clients of their responsibilities, often as part of a TM44 inspection programme to help you stay compliant.

F-Gas Regulations

F-Gases are very powerful greenhouse gases with a global warming effect over 20,000 times greater than carbon dioxide (CO2). The obligations to building owners in relation to F-Gases are very serious and annual leak checks are required on all commercial air conditioning installations and equipment containing more than a stated minimum amount of an F-Gas refrigerant. 

The tests are the responsibility of a properly qualified contractor. Not having a test in place can trigger a significant fine to which the owner/operator and contractor are jointly and severally liable. As part of a TM44 inspection programme, we provide a consultancy and monitoring service which helps our clients to stay compliant with the ever-changing F-Gas regulations.

This includes:

  • • Ensuring that an adequate testing and recording regime is in place
  • • Producing F-Gas registers
  • • Advising our clients and their contractors on the correct and robust procedures
  • • Advising clients on regulation changes

Why choose ACI Reports?

  • Large team with energy assessors based throughout the UK
  • Capacity to undertake 150 reports every week
  • Health and safety accredited
  • Security vetted and CRB checked
  • Proven track record delivering against KPIs
  • Insurance to the value of £10m
  • Able to deal with large complex projects
  • Independent and impartial advice

If you require advice and guidance on staying compliant with the latest F-Gas regulations, please contact the ACI Reports team.

Key Services


Air conditioning systems are affected by the UK Energy Performance of Buildings Regulations (EPB). As the UK’s market-leading accredited provider of TM44 inspections, we can help you to tick off your legal obligations quickly, efficiently and without a fuss.


It is a legal requirement to have a valid Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) when a building is sold, let, constructed or modified – and it should be renewed every 10 years, subject to particular criteria. Our accredited and highly experienced energy assessors can help you to demonstrate compliance and mitigate risks.


Display Energy Certificates or DECs indicate the energy performance of public buildings using a scale that runs from A (most efficient) to G (least efficient). Our accredited assessors can provide accurate, consistent DEC reporting at any UK location to help you demonstrate compliance, including in Scotland where the requirements for public buildings are different.

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We hold ourselves accountable to the very highest industry standards; earning numerous accreditations from the most prestigious trade bodies.

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It’s our job to be the experts. If you require advice and guidance on staying compliant with the latest F-Gas regulations and want to ensure you have a robust testing process in place, please contact the ACI Reports team.

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